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Erie County Lawyer Referral & Information Service

How does the LRIS work?

The Lawyer Referral & Information Service will refer you to one private attorney you can hire who handles the area of law you need.  The first consultation of up to 30 minutes with the attorney is a reduced rate of $45.  Our office does not refer according to your income or the attorneys fees following the first consultation.

When you call in to our office, staff will listen to your situation and ask questions to help us to determine within which area of law your legal issue should be referred.  Our office collects the $45 consultation fee at the time of the referral on behalf of the attorney and the service.  You may pay the fee by credit or debit card or come in to the office and pay with cash.

Staff will then provide you with the name, address and phone number of an attorney who practices in the area of law you need.  You will then need to contact the attorney to schedule an appointment.