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Complaints Against Your Attorney

Disciplinary Board Complaint

All attorneys admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct. The purpose of the Rules is to set forth minimum ethical standards for the practice of law. It is the responsibility of the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel to see that the Rules of Professional Conduct are observed.

For more information on the complaint filing process and to obtain a copy of the complaint form, go to the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board web site. There are no fees for you to file a complaint.

Complaint Forms should be sent to the following address:
The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
District IV Office
Suite 1300, Frick Building
437 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 565-3173

Fee Disputes

The Erie County Bar Association (ECBA) is a private membership organization for attorneys.  It is not permitted to play any role in regulating the conduct of lawyers in Pennsylvania because that is handled by the Disciplinary Board. However, the Disciplinary Board does rely on county bar associations to assist in certain functions, such as providing mediation or arbitration in Fee Dispute matters. 

The Erie County Bar Association's Fee Dispute process is available to assist with resolving disputes over fees between a client and their attorney should a disagreement arise. NOTE:  Fee Dispute complaints can only be reviewed if the attorney is a member of the ECBA. To determine this, check the Pictorial Membership Directory on this site or call the office at 814-459-3111.

You can download the Fee Dispute Complaint Form or contact the Erie County Bar Association office at (814) 459-3111 and a form will be mailed to you.

When a Fee Dispute Complaint Form along with the Agreement to Mediate and Arbitration Forms, signed by the client, are received at the ECBA office, they are reviewed and, assuming merit, the matter is scheduled for a hearing.

There is no cost for a Fee Dispute hearing.

Fee Dispute Instructions 2021

Fee Dispute Complaint Form 2021

Fee Dispute Agreement to Mediate 2021