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Membership Application

To become a member of the Erie County Bar Association, please complete our online application and submit it to the Erie County Bar Association. If you have any questions regarding the application or membership please contact us at (814)459-3111 or To download a hard copy of the application click here.

Your Name in Full:
Known by any other name (married, maiden):     Date of Birth:
Primary Residence
Primary Place of Employment
Phone & Fax:
List all business mailing addresses with phone numbers used by you in connection with your legal practice:
Law School Attended: Year Graduated:
Courts to which you are admitted Date of admission
Are you a member of the bar in good standing in each of the above courts?:
If no, indicate current status with each court and give details in an email to the bar.
Yes No
PA CLE compliance group, if assigned yet: 1 2 3
Are you practicing law in the county of Erie, Pennslyvania: Yes No
If No, do you intend to (relation to question above): Yes No
If you practice in any county other than Erie, Pennsylvania, list each county and the percentage of your practice there:
Provide a brief description of the current make-up of your law practice and statement of your practice plans for the immediate future:
If licensed in Pennsylvania, have you complied with the
requirements of State Bar Admission Rules 231 and 232?
Yes     No
If yes, supply Card Number:
Date of current validation:
If licensed in Pennsylvania, have you complied with the
requirements of Rule 219 of The PA Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement?
Yes     No
Are you a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association?
(Mandatory for Active Members per ECBA By-Laws)
Yes     No
If no, do you agree to be added to PBA's membership
rolls and invoiced for PBA dues by the ECBA?
Yes     No
Members receive much of their ECBA information via E-mail.
When/if a hard copy is also available, do you want to receive it?
Yes     No, E-mail only
I hereby apply for membership as an Active Member Associate Member Law Student
I hereby certify that the foregoing information is accurate and complete and that checking this box represents and replaces my physical signature.