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Assistance Programs

Medical Assistance

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The Medical Assistance Program, or Medicaid, provides comprehensive medical insurance benefits to individuals who have low income.  It is funded by both the Federal and State governments.

There are several different Medical Assistance programs. All have income limits for benefits.  Income includes wages, self-employment, or other sources such as unemployment or disability benefits, among others. Some types of Medical Assistance also have limits on the value of personal property, financial assets and real estate you can have to qualify. Even in these cases, household goods and your residence are not counted as resources. There are certain deductions allowed from income and, where applicable, property resources as well. For example, some Medical Assistance programs allow deduction of medical bills you owe or have been paying from your income. Coverage under the different programs varies, and there are special programs with higher income limits to cover children.  Receiving Medical Assistance does not create a lien against your home.

More information about the various Medical Assistance programs can be found at

You can apply for Medical Assistance at the Erie County Assistance Office, 1316 Holland Street 814-461-2000 or online at