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If you need to consult with an attorney or would like more information on legal matters regarding credit counseling, please contact the Erie County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service.

Advantage Credit Counseling/Consumer Credit Counseling

Are you:

  • Juggling bills from month to month

  • Writing post-dated checks

  • Skipping payments

  • Screening calls on an answering machine to avoid creditors

  • Not sleeping at night because of financial stress

  • Working part-time to pay off your credit card or medical bills

    You are NOT alone!

If you are having trouble paying bills or are experiencing other financial difficulties, there is FREE help at Advantage Credit Counseling/Consumer Credit Counseling of Western Pennsylvania, a non-profit organization.

Advantage Credit Counseling Services educates people to keep track of their income and expenses through budget and spending plans. For those individuals with financial problems, a Debt Management Plan may be offered. This plan offers a way to pay off debts, in cooperation with your creditors. Many creditors agree to waive late and over-limit fees and to reduce your interest rates. In some cases, bankruptcy may be the best option; and Advantage will discuss that with you.

Immediate telephone counseling is available. In addition, the Service also offers in-person and telephone counseling by appointment. Be prepared to discuss your assets and income and the amount of your debts. If any legal action has been taken against you, it would be best to see an attorney at once.

Advantage Credit Counseling Services is located at 4402 Peach Street, Lower Level, Erie, PA, 16509. Call 1-866-699-2227 or go to their website at for additional information.  4/18