Membership Categories

Active Members

A lawyer is eligible for active membership in this Association:

  • If such practicing lawyer is a member of the legal profession, and has his/her primary residence, primary office or primary place of employment in Erie County, Pennsylvania.
  • If such lawyer is a Judge of a Court of record, the jurisdiction of which includes Erie County.
  • Only active members of this Association shall be entitled to vote at meetings of members or hold elective office in this Association.

Associate Members

The following persons may make applications for Associate memberships:

  • A non-practicing member of the legal profession who is a resident of Erie County, or a retired or former active member of the Bar Association of Erie County.
  • Any practicing member of the legal profession who does not qualify for active membership under Active Members (above).
  • Associate Members shall not vote at meetings of members or hold elective office in the Association but shall be eligible for appointment to committees and to vote on committee business other than the Nominating, By-Laws, Budget, and Personnel Committees and shall be entitled to all notices and services provided to members of the Association.   

Law Student Member

  • A student is eligible for Law Student membership in this Association if the student is currently enrolled at an American Bar Association accredited law school, or has graduated from an accredited law school but has not yet completed or received the results of the Pennsylvania Bar Exam within one year of graduation from law school.


  • A member of the legal profession may be made an honorary member of this Association by vote of the Board of Directors.