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Event Name: Who’s on first? Lien Priority in PA
Event Date: Monday, April 8, 2013
Event Time: From 9:00 am until 12:15 pm
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PBI Groupcast - 3 hours substantive

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Learn the basics of liens and lien priorities
If you handle transactions affecting real property, you know how important it is to understand liens and their priorities. This course emphasizes the practical issues affecting liens. In today’s tight economy with creditors asserting their lien positions more than ever, this is a “must attend” course for everyone who handles real estate issues.

Understand how state and federal tax liens operate
Beyond the obvious mortgages and judgments, many state and federal tax liens and a variety of other liens can encumber real property. How do these liens arise? How do they attach? How are they extinguished? How can they be renewed? Where can you find statutory authority for them? How can you be sure you’ve found all of them?

Test your skill — prioritize liens using common scenarios
You will first be updated on the law, then work through some typical scenarios to understand which lien comes first, second and so on. Our faculty will take you through the priorities explaining why certain liens and encumbrances take a higher position than you might expect. 


Event Location:
Erie County Bar Association
302 West 9th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16502

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