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Knox Law Seeking Litigation Paralegal

Posted on December 3rd, 2018 at 4:56 PM

The Litigation Paralegal, under general supervision and according to established policies and procedures, performs a variety of duties to assist attorneys to whom assigned. Maintains positive contact with clients, attorneys and staff and observes confidentiality of client matters.  Organizes and maintains case files and documents. Drafts a variety of documents.  Keeps accurate time records.


  • Ability to read and write at levels necessary in a large law firm and perform math calculations as normally required through completion of high school.
  • Formal paralegal training or at least one year of on the job training in order to have gained expertise to do substantive legal work.
  • Ability to utilize a computer including use of a Windows operating system as normally attained through formal training or on the job experience.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate effectively by telephone and in person utilizing ordinary courtesy and tact.
  • Able to work the required hours per week in a law firm environment and obtain own transportation to and from work.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  “Essential functions” are primarily job duties that incumbents must be able to perform unassisted or with some reasonable accommodation made by the employer.

  • Review and analyze cases in order to assist in preparation of case for trial.
  • Draft complaints and answers, routine notices and affidavits.
  • Establish, organize and maintain attorney trial notebooks, document indexes and lists.
  • Locate and confer with witnesses, experts and resource people.  Arrange for expert witness inspections and obtain approval from counsel of record and specified parties.
  • Contact and interview parties, witnesses and experts, including the obtaining of written statements from witnesses.
  • Review and outline depositions, index and summarize documents.
  • Perform computer based research utilizing programs such as Internet, PACER and Infocon.
  • Utilize computer and appropriate software to perform tasks in an efficient manner and according to Knox Best Practices.
  • Assist in the preparation of cases for trial by drafting and preparing Witness and Exhibit Lists.  Subpoena and contacting witnesses.
  • Participate in training programs to learn and incorporate new computer skills and operational methods to meet prevailing Knox Best Practices as required for the position.

Perform all other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by attorney(s) or the Chief Administrative Officer.


  • Organized
    Coordinate work to complete tasks in a timely manner and meet deadlines.  Maintain neat and orderly filing systems and work areas. 
  • Motivated
    Take initiative in obtaining information required to complete assignments.  Ask questions when in doubt.  Display innovation in developing new methods to assignments.  Select suitable alternatives when confronted by obstacles.
  • Collaborative
    Exhibit teamwork effort.  Adjust work priorities and go with the flow when changes occur.  Extend kindness and consideration to fellow employees. 
  • Professional
    Follow the ethical requirements as set forth by the Rules of Professional Conduct of the state.  Poised and effective under pressure.  Accept constructive criticism in a positive manner.  Display willingness to discuss problems with appropriate party.   Apply common sense and integrity to daily work and exercise proper judgment in dealing with clients. 
  • Responsible
    Keep current with supervisor by following through on assignments and discussing schedules.  Display flexibility with work hours when necessary to complete assigned work.  Exhibit dependability through good attendance and timeliness.  Maintain confidentiality.

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