» Wage & Hour Symposium
From 9:00 am until 5:00 pm

PBI Video - 5 hours substantive / 1 ethics

  • $169 (member)
  • $149 (admitted after 1/1/08)
  • $189 (nonmember)

Register below and mail in your check (payable to PBI) to the ECBA office or pay online through www.pbi.org

  • Pick up the hot issues in exemption misclassification
  • Find out which industries are particularly under fire with respect to claims for exemption misclassification and how best to protect your client's interests
  • Find out what the DOL plans to target next
  • Hear about the major focus areas of DOL investigations and what your client should be doing to avoid being the subject of such an investigation
  • Learn how to prepare for and conduct internal audits
  • Understand what the major areas are you need to address during an internal audit and uncover audit best practices
  • Discover the key differences between PA and federal laws

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.


Location: Erie County Bar Association (302 West 9th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502)
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