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Are you preparing for a gifted due process procedure?
A due process hearing can be compared to a trial in a courthouse, with one significant difference: the due process hearing officer acts as both judge and jury, making all final decisions concerning the case. Whether you are a parent or an educator involved with gifted children, you should know the legal framework that governs the due process hearing. 

Learn the “in’s and outs” of a gifted due process hearing
From complaint to decision, understand what it takes to prepare and proceed through a hearing. “Walk through” the process, and learn how a gifted education hearing differs from a “regular” due process procedure.

Gain valuable insight into the hearing officer’s unique preferences
Don’t take a single misstep—Shawn Lochinger shares his personal preferences for each step of a hearing: the pre-hearing process, the hearing itself, and his decision-making process. He also shares his suggestions regarding evidence (what works and what doesn’t); testimony (how to be persuasive); and students as witnesses (is it a good idea?)

Pro se representation: is it for you?
A very large percentage of gifted cases involve parents who choose not to retain an attorney. Understand the unique situations that may arise more when going solo, and learn a few tips that may enable you to effectively advocate for your child.

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Location: Erie County Bar Association (302 West 9th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502)
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