» *CANCELLED* Ohlbaum on Evidence Advocacy
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Professor Ohlbaum will dissect, discuss and demonstrate how evidence and advocacy interface
The relationship between evidence and trial advocacy enables you, as an advocate, to demonstrate how an evidentiary principle makes your presentation more believable. It also permits you to make an opponent pay a price for having abused or disregarded the relationship. 

Take advantage of the rules of evidence to become a more persuasive courtroom advocate
Because the law of evidence is analytically integrated with the law of trial advocacy, the respective foundations of evidentiary rules provide the keys to persuasion. Trial lawyers who articulate these evidentiary principles in their questions and speeches become more persuasive advocates simply because many of the principles on which the rules of evidence are based are the same principles that govern persuasive courtroom performance.

The program

  • Evidence Advocacy
  • Pennsylvania Evidence Update
  • Examining Witnesses
  • Hearsay for the Advocate: Making It Clear
  • Impeachment
  • Electronic Evidence

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Location: Erie County Bar Association (302 West 9th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502)
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