» Handling the Dog Bite Case
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Learn why dog bite claims are a multi-million dollar business

  • More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually 
  • Dog bites account for approximately one-third of all homeowner insurance liability claims
  • 40% of households own a dog
  • Some insurance companies have created “breed exclusions” – what does that mean?
  • Which breeds are most/least likely to inflict bite injuries?

Discover why the “one bite rule” is part myth

  • Learn why dog bite claims aren’t a “strict liability” concept in Pennsylvania
  • Explore the intersection of criminal and civil dog statutes
  • Understand the roles of law enforcement, dog wardens, animal control officers and humane officers in dog bite cases
  • Come away with skills to evaluate whether to accept a dog bite case and when they can be successfully defended

Understand the motivations and provocations that lead to a dog bite

  • Hear from an expert trainer and a veterinarian
  • Get insight into the different types of dog aggression
  • Become better prepared to handle your next (or first!) dog bite case

Evaluate value and liability

  • How much is your case worth?
  • Can you hold a third party liable for the behavior of someone else’s dog?

Registration begins at 11:30 a.m.

Location: Erie County Bar Association (302 West 9th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502)
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