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PBI Groupcast -  5 hours substantive / 1 ethics
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  • $384 (nonmember)

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Gain new strategies in the art and science of taking and defending depositions
Dominic J. Gianna uses numerous slides and videos, taking you through the 10 Keys to Winning Depositions; he demonstrates his “surgical” approach to depositions; he illustrates how to use “the rules” to take immediate control; and how to obtain complete closure.

 Learn the ethical limits of witness preparation and persuasion

  • Prepare a witness to handle every loaded question.
  • Understand how to exhaust a witness’s knowledge of a topic.
  • Watch a witness be set up for trial impeachment.

Understand the “three Cs” of winning trial presentation
In this educational, entertaining and lively program you will prepare yourself for winning your next deposition and winning your next trial. 

 Program Topics

  • Key 1 The Four Advocacy Purposes of Taking a Deposition
  • Key 2 Using the “Surgical Approach” – Opening Up and Closing Doors
  • Key 3 Obtaining Admissions – Cross Examination in Depositions
  • Key 4 Taking and Keeping Control of the Witness
  • Key 5 Taking and Keeping Control of the Opposition
  • Key 6 The 10 Rules and How to Use Them
  • Key 7 Making Documents “Talk” – Preparation of the Exhibits
  • Key 8 Powerful Witness Preparation – Powerful Witness Presentation
  • Key 9 Non-Defensive Defending
  • Key 10 Taking and Defending a Powerful Expert Deposition

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.

Location: Erie County Bar Association (302 West 9th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502)
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