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Where to Turn with Insurance Problems

Imagine this. You come home from work and casually browse through the mail. You notice an envelope from your insurance company, an envelope for which you've been waiting. You think it's the settlement check to cover the costs of your recent auto accident.

You quickly open the envelope. No check. Instead, a complicated letter explaining why the company will not pay your claim. You are confused and frustrated. Where can you turn? The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has a Consumer Service's Bureau staffed with trained Consumer Service representatives who can help you with your insurance problems.

If you have a question about a policy you recently, or not so recently, purchased or a dispute with your company over a settlement, call the Insurance Department regional office nearest you. Offices are located in Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The Erie Regional Office is 814/871-4466.

In addition, the Department has over 15 brochures on various insurance topics available to consumers free of charge. Some of which are:

  • "Your Guide to Auto Insurance Premiums" lists, by county, the rates for the top 20 writers of auto insurance.
  • "Your Guide to Flood Insurance" explains how you qualify for this important coverage.
  • "Insurance Tips for Consumers" provides some helpful hints on purchasing insurance
  • "Choosing a Continuing-Care Community" provides information on these alternative living communities available to older Pennsylvanians. The brochure explains the services provided, the price of the care, the way to choose a community and the financial information the community must disclose to you. A companion directory is also available which lists every facility licensed in the state, the fees charged and a description of the community.

If you would like a copy of one or all brochures, write to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, Press Office, 1326 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120. Please indicate which brochure(s) you would like to receive.

Remember, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department has an Erie Regional Office which you can call if you have insurance questions. They will be glad to answer any questions or investigate complaints which you may have. The office is located at P.O. Box 6142, 808 Renaissance Center, Erie, PA 16512 and the telephone number is 814/871-4466. Consumers may also log onto the Insurance Department's website at  4/11

If you need to consult with an attorney regarding insurance problems, please contact the Erie County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service.